ACARS, Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System , are utility programs that automatically log events in flight simulator while you fly. Once you've finished your flight you can send in the flight report by clicking one button, it's that simple! This translates to an enormous decrease in manual bungling with times, altitudes and speeds when filing PIREPs.


The FTG ACARS is a freeware program developed by and specific to the Flying Tigers Group. We require all our pilots to use it to submit flight reports because its specifically programmed and updated around the FTG features and all its integrated functions help the pilot to correctly operate the flights and to correct erratic datas before submitting the PIREP. Moreover, during the flight FTG-ACARS provides some very useful tools and flight and aircraft informations, and, after the flight, you will be able to get a debriefing sheet complete with data and graphic profiles. You will even be able to track your flight profile, both horizonal and vertical, on Google Earth! FTG ACARS even includes a logbook viewer that will save a copy of all PIREPS for your personal backup.

Download FTG ACARS v3 Main Pack
by Markus Joppich (LH418)

This is the FTG-ACARS v3 Main Pack and Latest Executable(s). For first time Installation please download the Main Pack.


How to Upload PIREP using FTG ACARS

Please check the FTG ACARS Manual section to understand how to use this software!

compatible flight simulators

FTG-ACARS works with Prepar3D, FSX:Steam and FS2004. X-plane users, please email admin@flyingtigersgroup for alternative.


Everything about the FTG ACARS, from installation to the more advanced options, are explained in this manual that is brought to you as a tutorial flight.
This tutorial is made for FTG-ACARS v3.0, but still is worth going through as FTG-ACARs v3.1 is basically the same.

Flying Tigers Group ACARS tutorial


To correctly operate, FTG ACARS requires the latest FSUIPC version for your Flight Simulator. Both free and paid version work fine.

crew sounds

During your flight, if the option is enabled, FTG ACARS will play cabin annoncements relative to your phase of flight. The Base Package comes with generic english annoncements but you can install or create airline specific sounds. FTG ACARS will automatically pick the correct sounds depending on the airline you are flying for. If you have created a custom sound package we invite you to share it.

There are passenger announcements for 70+ airlines. These are available for download on the forum. You can sign in to the forum with your pilot ID/Password.

FTG ACARS support

We provide full support for FTG ACARS on our forum.

Flying Tigers Group Support Forum