Lufthansa Virtual

Welcome to the Lufthansa Virtual website. We are a group of flightsim enthusiasts who fly real world routes for Lufthansa, using Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D and X-Plane. We are pleased to provide the flightsim community with the ultimate virtual airline for Lufthansa!

We consider Lufthansa Virtual to be one of the most modern virtual airlines around. We built our own ACARS program in house which many consider the best in the virtual airline world. Unlike others who use free virtual airline code like phpVMS, we built everything ourselves. Our real world schedules are always up to date since we use live sources and real time data.

We like realism but at the same time we allow our members to have choice. Flights can be flown on VATSIM, IVAO or offline if you wish.

The Flying Tigers Group has been in the virtual airline business since 2004. Being a part of FTG allows Lufthansa Virtual members a wide range of choice in passenger, cargo and historic routes. As part of a big group it makes the community even larger, more active and diverse.

We invite you to experience the ultimate Lufthansa Virtual.