Swiss Virtual

We won't ask you for personal information or sensitive data. You will decide the degree of realism and the degree of commitment you wish to have with us.

All members get full access to Swiss Virtual website, flight schedules, fleet and route information, tutorials and guides, links to addon downloads, an easy and useful ACARS program to record and submit your flights, a complete logbook that keeps track of all the flights done, and much more. With your unique account you will be able to access all websites of the Flying Tigers Group and operate flights for any of its affiliates airline.

Therefore we recommend that you sign up with your favorite airline in our group. Once you sign up there is no need to sign up again with any of our other virtual airlines. To see the complete list of VA you can choose from please go to the FTG Airlines page.

Want to Join Swiss Virtual ?
If this is the virtual airline you want to join please proceed by carefully reading the membership terms and conditions below. If you understand and accept the terms and conditions, at bottom of this page you will find the link to our entrance exam. To maintain our high standards we feel that applicants should have a basic knowledge about flying airliners. We feel that most dedicated flight simmers should have no problem with the exam and it should only a couple of minutes. You will need to achieve 70% or better on our entrance exam.

Membership Terms and Conditions
While holding an active membership at @ailrine members are bound to the following membership terms and conditions. Any violation of these conditions will result in immediate termination of membership without notice.

General Membership
Membership is free and open to any individual above 13 years of age. Only one membership account per person is permitted (including our affiliated virtual airlines as part of the Flying Tigers Group). When applying for membership, it is the applicant's responsibility to supply valid and correct information: applications containing invalid or false data will be rejected. This means use your real name, do not use initials or fake names.

User must supply a valid e-mail address. If you use a throw away account and we can not reach you, your account will be suspended and then deleted if we don't hear from you.

It is the responsibility of the virtual pilot to keep his personal information updated and make sure all email get past the anti-spam filters.

Flight Operations
New members are required to submit their first Pilot Report (PIREP) in 14 days. All members are obliged to complete at least one Pilot Report every 90 days. The account of any user who fails to complete the required flights in the first 14 days and every 90 days thereafter will be removed without notice.

All simulated flights are to use real world schedules from our website or official sources using the correct aircraft type as indicated on the schedule, following the rules and guideline provided in the . We do not permit fantasy flights.

Online flying with Vatsim or IVAO is welcome but is not a requirement for our members, it is perfectly fine if you want to fly offline.

Membership Termination
Membership can be terminated at any time by the request of the user or at the discretion of management. All flight hours and logbook data are forfeited without entitlement to compensation. All terminations are final and can not be a subject of any debate or discussion. If a member's account is terminated by management, the user may not be notified in any way about the actions taken. Membership accounts will be deleted if the user does not submit at least one PIREP every 90 days.

Operations Manual
Before you join we strongly encourage you to review our Operations Manual

I have read and understood the membership term and conditions and accept to join Swiss Virtual in their respect.