Welcome to the Flying Tigers Group, the gateway to virtual airlines of the world. FTG is the world's most active and dynamic conglomerate of virtual airlines. We are a group of semi-independent virtual airlines that share a common database, operating procedures and resources.  This provides our virtual airlines with a proven and robust system for them to thrive and offers all of our members huge benefits.

In other virtual airlines when you become a pilot your only job is to complete a flight for the same airline. Day after day, month after month, year after year. For this reason many pilots choose to join several VAs or quit over time. Who would want to fly the same planes and routes all the time? Boring... but not with us!

This is where the Flying Tigers Group comes in. You can fly for all of our virtual airlines representing some of the best and most exotic airlines around the world. As a pilot you will be able to fly short island hops to exotic locations or even trans-Atlantic flights on the Concorde.  This isn't a free for all operation like some other virtual airline groups on the net.  We carefully choose the airlines that are represented in our group.

Because all of our virtual airlines share our advanced automation features, a pilot only needs to sign up once. Then with a single pilot ID, a pilot can log in to all of our virtual airlines. What's really cool is that you can file a PIREP at any of our virtual airlines and it will always count towards your total flight hours and rank!

This concept has created one of the most active and dynamic groups of Flight Simulator fanatics we've ever seen.

Some of our Services

  • Really cool automated pilot services using .ASP/.PHP technology and 2 robust SQL 2012 and MySQL databases. This includes an actual database backup, unlike our previous web host.
  • Automated sign up process.  Pass the automated entrance exam, grab a pilot ID and you're good to go.
  • Advanced management portal where our management team can manage members, review PIREPs, do content management and everything else needed to run a virtual airline. Since it's all online, our management team can do this anywhere they have internet access.
  • Our very own free custom made FTG-ACARS program that automatically captures your flight information. Includes flight crew announcements and even shows your flight path in Google Earth.
  • Flight schedules are integrated with real world schedules from Flightstats databases. Our flight schedules will always be up to date thanks to real time / real world data.
  • Advanced pilot logbook, with all kinds of statistics and really cool dynamic maps that show your latest flights.
  • Our rank system is based partly on seniority, just like the real airlines.
  • A large community of active flight simulation fanatics and aviation geeks from all over the world.
  • We have one of the most active message boards compared to any other virtual airline, providing a large thriving flightsim community.
  • Full access to all of our virtual airlines. Flights from all FTG virtual airlines are recorded in your pilot logbook.
  • oneworld Alliance, Star Alliance & skyTeam codeshare programs offering a huge number of real world airline routes.
  • Classic & Cargo galore.
  • Extensive aircraft database with the latest deliveries and aircraft retirements, we update our fleet database every week.
  • A first class virtual airline experience simulating some of the best and most exotic airlines in the world.

FTG Virtual Airlines

  • Air France Virtual: One of Europe's leading airlines with a huge global network. Classic division which includes Concorde routes.
  • Air New Zealand Virtual:  New Zealand's venerable flag carrier.
  • Cathay Pacific Virtual: Hong Kong's world class airline including an extensive cargo network. Historic routes are available for Kai Tak fans.
  • Delta Air Lines Virtual: One of the biggest airlines in the world which includes the merged network and fleet from Northwest Airlines.
  • Emirates Virtual: The fastest growing and one of the world's premiere airline with a massive global network and modern fleet.
  • FedEx Virtual: Out cargo virtual airlines with a global scale using classic tri-holers and the latest 777 freighters.
  • GOL Virtual: Brazil's leading LCC with a growing network for some awesome 737NGX action.
  • Hawaiian Airlines Virtual: Fly Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines and the brand new A330. Historic routes for Hawaiian and Aloha Airlines.
  • Icelandair Virtual: Our little niche virtual airline for Icelandair fanatics.
  • Japan Airlines Virtual: The new JAL, Japan's oldest airline. Our JAL Virtual includes classics going back to the 1950s.
  • Jet Airways Virtual: India's world class airline.
  • jetBlue Virtual: One of America's coolest airlines with a modern fleet and growing network thoughout the Americas.
  • KLM Virtual: One of the world's oldest airline and Holland's flag carrier.
  • LAN Virtual: South America's leading airline now merged with TAM from Brazil.
  • Lufthansa Virtual: Germany's flag carrier with an extensive route network and interesting fleet. Includes cargo, historic and regional routes.
  • Malaysia Airlines Virtual: South East Asia is synonimous with superior airline providing amazing service. MAS is one of the best.
  • PAN AM Virtual: The world famous all time classic Pan Am is now part of FTG with schedules from the 1940s through the 80s.
  • QANTAS Virtual: Australia's flagship carrier for decades, including classics and regional service.
  • Ryanair Virtual: Europe's leading LCC for some great NGX action.
  • Singapore Airlines Virtual: South East Asia's world famous airline with a great global network and modern fleet. Historic routes included.
  • South African Airways Virtual: Africa's leading airline with a nice modern fleet and great routes throughout the world.
  • Southwest Virtual: By popular demand here is FTG's Southwest Virtual!
  • Swiss Air Lines Virtual: Another one of Europe's classic airlines with a nice modern fleet. Includes classic Swissair division.
  • Thai Airways Virtual: Thailand's flagship carrier providing service to Bangkok and throughout the world with a nice modern fleet.
  • United Airlines Virtual: The bigger United Airlines, now merged with Continental.
  • Virgin Atlantic Virtual: The most innovative and trendsetting airline in the world. Includes classics, Virgin Australia & Virgin America.